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22 x 24 cm, 46 Seiten, mit CD

Art.Nr. GH 11776
ISBN 978-3-905847-75-8
ISMN 979-0-2028-2498-6
Ausgabe Book with CD

Howard Griffiths

The Witch and the Maestro

This is the story of the witch and the Maestro. It's exciting, full of surprises, and best of all you can read the story and listen to it too. If you close your eyes, the music will let you see everything clearly in your imagination: the village with its odd inhabitants, the dark, dark forest where the little witch lives with her cat, the courageous Maestro - and of course, there's the witch's big secret... but let's not give any more away in case we spoil the fun of the tale. One thing's for sure: it all has a happy ending - thanks to the music! On the enclosed CD Charlotte Cornwell tells the story of the witch and the Maestro. The Brandenburg State Orchestra Frankfurt, conducted by Howard Griffiths, plays the music written by Fabian Künzli. 21,5x23,5 cm, 44 pages, hardcover, with colorful illustrations by Karin Hellert-Knappe

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